Thursday, November 18, 2010

Egyptian "Life After Death"

"If your looking for the judge he's in the hall of judgement. Good luck." This is how I imagine you would be greeted in the afterlife for an Egyptian. The god Anubis, son of Ra, was in charge of the underworld and who would be let in. First, I think I should mention that the Egyptians believed the body of the deceased needed to be preserved for their soul to go to the afterlife. From there the wandering souls would be weighed on the scale of judgement. (by the way that's not why most Egyptians were skinny). What it means is Anubis judges you on your good and bad deeds from your former life, to decide if you are let in to the Egyptian underworld more commonly known as the Tuat. If not his trusty sidekick/ heart-eater would be more than happy for your soul. It is an ancient Egyptian myth that Anubis' father, Ra(a.k.a: the sun god) would pass through the Tuat at night to provide light for all of the souls in the dark. P.S. it is contrary as to whether Anubis is Ra's son or Osiris'.


  1. I think going into the underworl with Anubis would be pretty creepy on how it sounds. What do you think?

  2. hmmmm. I dont think i would like this. Anubis sounds pretty creepy and i dont want him touching my soul!